Cover of John Lennon’s Imagine. Imagine a holiday season where can all be together as one – one day!

She Don’t Disappoint Me (Like You Do)

  This song has a super secret message in it! See if you can guess what it is. Music and lyrics by Ella Jean Haggis and Nicole Zylstra Featuring Terry Lacroix on bass, April Cruz on amazing harmonies, and Nicole Z on vocals and guitar.  

Swann Song

Mythologically inspired. Swann song is a re-imagining of the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan. In our version, Leda is a strong lady who stops by the pub to tell her friends why she’s gotta move on.

Hit Me, Britney

We do not own this song. This is a loving tribute to Britney Spears, done as if it were a Johnny Cash song. Featured: Terry Lacroix – bass Nicole Zylstra – vocals, guitar, arrangement April Cruz – awesome harmonies