Ben Rose & the World's Best Wedding Band

The greatest songs of all time

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The greatest songs – by us


Get up and dance


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Brian Johnstone

Sax to the max, Brian is a multi-instrumentalist with a love of jazz and great songs.
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Ben Rose

Band Leader, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Born in Regina, residing in Calgary, but calling the World his home, Ben has been playing and writing music as far back as he’d care to remember.
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Chris Walsh

Lead Guitar
Chris played with Ben before he was the World’s Best Wedding Band. A fan of Blue Rodeo and pop guitar solos that illustrate but never dominate, Chris’ taste as a musician is impeccable.
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Terry LaCroix

For Terry, it’s all about that bass. A consummate professional Terry has played with the band for 8 years, and never ceases to impress.
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Tyler Peacock

Trumpet, Keyboards, Harmonies
A multi-instrumentalist with chops to spare, Tyler keeps his love of Viking Death Metal safely tucked in his iPod and his jazz virtuosity up front.
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Chris Hamilton

Chris learned to drum as a back up plan in case oil ever dipped below $80 a barrel, and now he’s all ours.


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