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Another Day Another Mega Crime

Beren and Fox and I all had the pleasure of working on the super funny Mega Crimes Unit last summer (2016). This soon to be star studded cast (as in they are all heading for greatness) was amazing to work with. And God bless Covy and Aaron for being so good with the boys. Too good maybe. Beren spent the day improvising lines and being a smart ass. When I tucked him in that night, he was on cloud nine. “Mom,” he said, all serious-like. “When I grow up I want to be an improviser.” I said that’s wonderful, Ber! Did you know that you can be an improviser AND an engineer? You can totally be both!

Not without more Canadian farmers

This is actually a really good McDonald’s commercial. And not just because my kid is in it. Starring Fox Rose as boy with grass in his mouth looking badass.

Not without Canadian Farmers

Fox Rose. Being adorable and asking hard hitting questions. He’s the one asking if farmers still have to work on their birthday.