For Love Or Money

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Support your local Credit Union :-)

Alberta Credit Unions spot

If it Hurts (Alberta Chiropractors’ Association) 30 sec

Hosting Audition

Snore Solutions

This shoot got way weirder than you think. Johnny and I got super creative in helping to prompt the kids’ reaction shots after our bit was in the can. Let’s say it started off with GI distress and ended with the safe word “Ghostrider.”

You Like Leaving

Here’s a flash from the past. Let’s time travel way way back to 2006, when I got to work with the always awesome Sandi Somers, and the always lovable Sean Bowie.

Everyday Stuntwoman

Many thanks to the Alberta Chiropractic Association. This has been my most recognized role to date! AKA Crazy-eye lady with the floppy red hat.

Emily Murphy in your ear-mouth!

This is a “binaural experience.” Which means, put your headphones on, you’re about to be taken on a wild immersive ride to, um, a really important time in women’s history. Whoo!

It was probably a gun.