Before Christmas, his little brother and I were at Ikea and saw a stuffed husky dog. “Wouldn’t Ber like that?” I asked. Fox agreed. “Oh yes, mama!” So we bought the dog and I told Fox that this would be our gift to Beren for Christmas. Fox was so excited to have such a great secret.

On Christmas morning, before all the presents from Santa, I held out the bag to Beren. “This is from Fox and me and the family.” His eyes went super wide. “A husky dog! I love it!” Later that day after all the Christmas chaos had died down, Beren came and found me again. “Mom? I just wanted to say thank you again for the husky. It means so much to me because this is the FIRST GIFT YOU’VE EVER GIVEN ME. All the others are always from Santa, but this is special, because it’s from you.”

I thanked him, gave him a hug, and said I love you. And inside I was falling to pieces, laaaaaughing….