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Not so Mutual (funds)

I read an article several months back, and every once in a while I think about it and still feel angry. Now, trying to find the article again, it seems to have disappeared, which is for the best.

It was an article put out by a bank, I believe, on differences in investing between men and women. I was excited to read it, because it was about me! A woman! The article profiled two people, a fictional Jack and Jane. It included the fact that Jane would generally make 79% of what Jack made, and therefore Jane would have less to invest in retirement savings, assuming they both set aside 10% of their paycheques. Jane would also have less investing years, because women tend to be the ones to take time out of their work lives to raise kids. Those years off tend to be earlier in her overall investing profile, so there is less time for those saved assets to generate income compared to her male counterparts.

All of what the article said until this point made sense. When it came to offering advice, however, this is where I got angry. I was eager to find out what tips they had for women who are facing difficulty in achieving the same kind of retirement profile as a man in a similar job. How disappointed was I, then, when the first suggestions was that Jack start a spousal RSP for his wife, Jane. WTF? Jack and Jane were married? The article never said that! The article had made some deep assumptions. i.e. That all women are obviously married to a man, and that even in 2018, women’s financial stability must rely on being married to a man with a great job.

As a single mom, who is not economically tied to a man, I found the initial statistics depressing, and the subsequent advice to be disheartening, to say the least.

“Marry well, ladies” is not a satisfying long term solution to financial gender inequality in 2018. Please, please, mutual fund industry, check yo’self.

Snore Solutions

This shoot got way weirder than you think. Johnny and I got super creative in helping to prompt the kids’ reaction shots after our bit was in the can. Let’s say it started off with GI distress and ended with the safe word “Ghostrider.”

You Like Leaving

Here’s a flash from the past. Let’s time travel way way back to 2006, when I got to work with the always awesome Sandi Somers, and the always lovable Sean Bowie.

Another Day Another Mega Crime

Beren and Fox and I all had the pleasure of working on the super funny Mega Crimes Unit last summer (2016). This soon to be star studded cast (as in they are all heading for greatness) was amazing to work with. And God bless Covy and Aaron for being so good with the boys. Too good maybe. Beren spent the day improvising lines and being a smart ass. When I tucked him in that night, he was on cloud nine. “Mom,” he said, all serious-like. “When I grow up I want to be an improviser.” I said that’s wonderful, Ber! Did you know that you can be an improviser AND an engineer? You can totally be both!

Not without more Canadian farmers

This is actually a really good McDonald’s commercial. And not just because my kid is in it. Starring Fox Rose as boy with grass in his mouth looking badass.

Not without Canadian Farmers

Fox Rose. Being adorable and asking hard hitting questions. He’s the one asking if farmers still have to work on their birthday.

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